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with ANASI Holistic Services

“I did a 3-day juice detox with Anasi in February 2021. From the time I contacted her to make queries about the process she was helpful and informative and took the time to speak to me to personalize my experience.


During the detox, she checked in daily to ensure I was doing well and to motivate and encourage me to stick to my goal.


I’ve tried detoxes on my own before, but this has been the most effective, not just physically but also mentally. I would use Anasi’s service anytime and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to embark on a healthy lifestyle journey.”

— Cherelle B

“Where do I begin to describe my experience with Anasi? She is the holistic practitioner you want on your team. I was introduced to Anasi and her detox programs from a mutual colleague who shared that she had so much energy and clarity. I instantly reached out and signed up.

As an Emotional Intelligence coach, strategist and consultant, it is important to me to keep my energy light, clear, vibrant and to stay connected to practitioners who understand and demonstrate the same.

Anasi is a cheerleader. She designed a unique program for me based on my needs and goals. Each day, we connected and discussed what transpired in the mind, body, and spirit. As each day passed, I could feel lighter, clearer, and stronger, but in the beginning, it was hard. My body needed time to expel toxic foods and energy. I feel amazing and to say such a thing during a pandemic with high stress all around is incredible. I highly recommend her without reservation.”

— Monique R

Green Smoothie

About Anasi Holistic Services

Anasi Holistic Services' purpose is to help individuals achieve their long-term healthy lifestyle goals. Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, sports nutrition, or disease prevention, each client is individually evaluated and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan they can follow for the rest of their lives.


"I'm feeling really great today, with no fatigue or anything. Prior to starting the detox I used to feel fatigued and stressed during the day."

— Brian, ML


“I completed the 3 Day Detox and 1-week post-detox meal plan with Anasi Holistic Services.

I lost 6 lbs and plan to continue to follow Anasi's guidance. ”

— Teheria V

Within one month of being on Anasi’s 30 Day Weight Loss for Better Health program. I have not only lost over 15 lbs, my cholesterol is down 39 points (215 it needs to be below 200), Direct LDL down 49 points (163 it needs to be below 130), my triglycerides is down 47 points - now 144 in the normal range, chol/hdl ratio is down 0.08 (5.97 needs to be below 5.60). I am beyond happy and looking forward to next months results.

Thank you Anasi


"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Mark Twain

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