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Our Story

Anasi Holistic Services is a group of Professional Wellness Specialists passionate about health, nutrition, and happiness. Our focus has always remained consistent; helping people lose weight, identify emotional attachments to food, and improve nutrition through meal plans, physical fitness, counseling, and advice.

Anasi Holistic Services is located in the Caribbean and United States and serves a broad range of clientele. Please get in touch to learn more about our health and wellness services and to book your nutritional consultation.

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Meet Anasi

Hi, my name is Anasi, and have struggled to bring balance to my diet for many years. My imbalanced diet led to weight gain, fatigue, lack of focus, and low energy. However, I dismissed these warning signs and accepted my diet and its effects. I truly love food and did not want to give up what I loved even for my own health. 


The saying that a crisis is a crucial driver for change is so true. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in 2014. This diagnosis shocked me to my core, I simply couldn’t believe it and did not accept it as fact. However, it did propel me to become a vegan and embrace a plant-based lifestyle. It was by no means an easy and seamless transition. I reverted to chicken and fish a few times before I became totally plant-based in 2015. Since changing my diet and lifestyle there has been no diagnosis of any auto-immune diseases. I personally feel that my lifestyle change healed me. 


In addition to changing my diet, I wanted to change my relationship with food. I started working with a coach who helped me process a lot of past trauma and my emotional attachment to food, specifically sugar. This supportive connection led me to want to do the same for others. 


I have been a licensed therapist for over 15 years and a holistic health coach for 5 years. I became a coach because I know the struggle first hand. I am able to meet my clients with love and acceptance for where they are at, and we work collaboratively to transition them to a healthier lifestyle. 

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